Sale 10T Outdoor Equipment 10T Fridgo GEMYKEUCV

10T Outdoor Equipment 10T Fridgo GEMYKEUCV

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Large cooler with wheels and handle for pulling and carryingAll-around seal with stainless steel spring lockLeak proof closable floor drainCan holder in the fixed lidCan easily be cleaned in water (also ideal for anglers)


  • Outer material: HDPE
  • Insulation: PU foam (polyurethane)
  • Type: Cooler (box, bag, container)
  • Intended purpose: Keeping food cool or warm
  • Operating mode: Cooling elements
  • Output: 47 Hours cooling performance (depending on temperature and cooling element)
  • Safety system: Airtight lid
  • Transport: fitted with wheels
  • Product line: 10T cooling
  • Other information: Can holder in the fixed lid
  • Handle: 2 unit(s)
  • Lnge max. ca.: 77 cm
  • Breite max. ca.: 44 cm
  • Hhe max. ca.: 41 cm
  • Innenma: 69 x 37,8 x 32,2 cm
  • Fassungsvolumen ca.: 80 L (litre)
  • other specifications: With drain valve for easy emptying
Colors, shapes, designs
  • Primary colour: green
  • Secondary colour: white

10T Outdoor Equipment 10T Fridgo GEMYKEUCV

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