Sale ADE Fitvigo Activity Tracker Unisex FITvigo YJGMTVCBL

ADE Fitvigo Activity Tracker Unisex FITvigo YJGMTVCBL

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Activity Tracker: Accurately records the active steps and the distance traveled (miles / km). Calculation and display of the burned calories (kcal). Wrist-based heart rate monitor. Different additional sport modesSleep Monitor: Track your sleep automatically (duration of deep sleep, light sleep and awake phases). Alarm function (silent vibration alarm). Smart notifications of incoming calls and messages. Shows time and dateIncluding replacement strap (black). Waterproof (IP 67). Length of the bracelet is adjustable from 155 to 225 mm. OLED display with touch operation. Charge the battery via USB. Bluetooth 4.0FITvigo: Multi-award winning, free app for Android + iPhone. Meets the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR). Representation of the measured body values in clear graphs / tables with an easy export functionSynchronization with Apple Health, Google Fit and Samsung S-Health. Meet GODY, an emotional life form that visualizes data and accompanies you with suggestions for healthier habits

With Fitvigo activity tractor core and a app, you have your valuables in your field of view: the 1704guarantees the continuous measurement Zurückgelegter steps and distance as well as obsolete calories at all times. In addition, the Pulse and brings practical additional functions with hang the Bear measures the waterproof companion–for extended tracking as well as support when organising of everyday life: Training Charts for kinds of sports mode, sleep monitor with recording the night activity, smart notifications that like to incoming calls and messages and a of inactivity alarm similar to that of regular motion and Stunning looks. The activity tracker transmits data quickly and easily to the free Fitvigo app.The app helps active, fitter and feel better to–effortlessly. It is slightly tasks from the your day easy to integrate are locked up safe and sound. The app TRACKT bodily values, the results a clear graphics and charts. As well as the development is stored and shown in the pictures.With a single click can be sent data protection and peace of mind is provided as file exported and to doctors, family and friends. Can also Fitvigo with Apple health, Google fit and genuine Samsung health Sync.A Fitvigo also have a special feature: VIGO, a digital way of life, the individual Condition shown to the user's–A Emotional approach, for intuitive and motivational access to your body. The Fitvigo app meets all UK and EU German and privacy policy (gem. EU Dsgvo) and corresponds to the standard, the 2018in step.

ADE Fitvigo Activity Tracker Unisex FITvigo YJGMTVCBL

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