Sale Alpina Children s Ximo Flash Cycling Helmet hellrot 508 45-49 DUZCGUCES

Alpina Children s Ximo Flash Cycling Helmet hellrot 508 45-49 DUZCGUCES

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Removable multi-fit light and reflective decal sticker for better visibilityBreak and scratch resistant, ceramic shell, outer shell.Best protection with the quality Hi-Eps inner shell.

Small heads need big protection. The Alpina Ximo bicycle helmet is extra deep to provide such protection. The air vents keep the sun rays away from the head and still provide adequate ventilation. Thanks to its flat design at the back of the head, it is also ideal for child seats and trailers.Reflective stickers on the helmet ensure visibility. The inner shell of each Alpina helmet is made from high expanded polystyrene (Hi-EPS). It consists of microscopically small air chambers, which in the event of an accident perfectly absorb the shock. Hi-EPS ensures optimum protection whilst having extra thin walls and slim helmet shapes. Ergomatic Proven a thousand times, all Alpina Bicycle Helmets use the tested: Buckle clasp with red push button and multistage automatic latching Ergomatic is operable with one hand-uphill, you can loosen the straps; downhill tighten them -, and in the event of a fall will not open. Run System Classic Slide Children's heads vary in size and shape much more than heads of adults.The Classic Slide adjustment system has been made specially for children's heads and with the additional, free-moving head band in the helmet interior provides an individual fit and secure hold. Airflow Vents - cleverly positioned air vents ensure optimal ventilation. Inmold Tec offers considerably more safety than spot-bonded helmets. Y-clip provides optimum fine adjustment of the clasp. Ceramic Shell - Ceramic is the name for the outer shell of all Inmold-made Alpina helmets. Fly Net - to protect against insect bites and stings. Reflector + Reflective Logo The reflective bands and stickers ensure visibility and provide more safety. Flash Light LED-Lights for easily mounting on the helmet with three lighting options. Edge Protect is used in the Inmold-process at the lower edge of the helmets...

Alpina Children s Ximo Flash Cycling Helmet hellrot 508 45-49 DUZCGUCES

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