Sale Camelbak Antidote Cleaning Kit Black One Size ZFGEUCCPH

Camelbak Antidote Cleaning Kit Black One Size ZFGEUCCPH

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Puncture resistant brush with flexible spring to clean deep down into your water tubePuncture resistant brush to clean your reservoir; Cleaning tabs eliminate unpleasant, nasty tastes and odorsCleaning kit that is optimized for the Antidote Reservoirs with Quick Link SystemDryer arms to prop open the reservoir to ensure it completely dries; Tube Brush; 2 Cleaning TabsHanger that attaches to the Quick Link port for easy access; Reservoir Brush

CamelBak Antidote Cleaning Kit is an all-in-one tool kit for cleaning of your antidote reservoir. It enables you to clean and dry your hydration kit without any hassles. It is important that the reservoir is cleaned regularly so it does not develop smell or taste of any sort. It has a click-in that helps in hanging the antidote quick link reservoir so the water from the reservoir is efficiently drained out after cleaning it. This click-in-dryer ensures that the reservoir dries-out quickly and properly. An extra folding dryer is also present whose arms open the antidote reservoir so it dries out from the inside as well. Two cleaning brushes are provided to clean the interiors of the reservoir. It also has cleaning tabs that can be used to remove bad smell or taste from the reservoir. This cleaning kit ensures that the reservoir remains odor-free and taste-free so you get clean drinking water on your outdoor trip. Keep your antidote reservoir clean with the CamelBak Antidote Cleaning Kit.

Box Contains

1 x Cleaning Kit

Camelbak Antidote Cleaning Kit Black One Size ZFGEUCCPH

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